cargo home exterior

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A low budget and a rat infestation were just a few of the many stumbling blocks standing in the way of creating this low-cost home for a low-income family in South Korea, all eventually overcome with some creative out-of-the-box thinking and clever use of inexpensive materials.

cargo home interior

While container homes and offices can be beautiful in theory, in practice building a whole house out of containers can prove challenging. In this design by JYA-architects (images by Hwang Hyochel) part of the solution was to use containers as needed then frame with other materials around them, keeping would-be invaders (like small vermin) away from the core inhabited structures.

cargo home site plan

The resulting structure, made for a family of seven, includes three containers and a series of semi-outdoor paths, walls and rooms situated around and in between them. These are contained inside a simple metal framework, in turn spanned by doors, windows and translucent panels to create the needed degree of shade and insulation.

cargo container upper deck

Having high ceilings internally also opens up future possibilities for second-story occupation on top of the containers below via ladder-or-stair-accessed decks, again inaccessible to nature’s little intruders.