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Most people move into a house after it is built, but not architect Randy Brown. He took up residence with his family before the early phases of construction were even complete.

Rustic Corten siding responds to the sparse rural, near-desert landscape, while the building itself almost seems to be in motion – moving through, around and within the existing network of trees on the site.

This work-in-progress approach has had interesting impacts on the final design, which is both unified but also made up of unique pieces and experiential moments that respond dynamically to the site; these clearly seem to have grown out of living at the property while working on the project. The more things change, the less they stay the same.

That said, this is not the only offbeat-looking architecture project by RBA – other homes they have designed and built have a similar postmodern look to them (as shown in the last screenshot above), though in terms of featuring diverse styles and joining various parts to create a whole, this particular house certainly stands out from the crowd.