prologue teas
When you love literature, every favorite book has a distinct feel to it. Your mind creates a mental ambiance that defines your experience of that particular book. Designer Flora Chan designed a series of teas that add another layer of experience to reading the classics.
prologue literary teas
teas based on classic books
Prologue teas each contain a unique blend of spices and loose tea leaves that Chan formulated based on the plots of classic literature. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Moby-Dick, Lolita, Don Quixote, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and The Great Gatsby are all represented in the set.
prologue book based teas
teas with the taste of classic books
The tea tins feature pictures and motifs that characterize each novel. Sherlock Holmes’ pipe, Moby-Dick’s white whale, and Lolita’s red lips are all recognizable icons from these famous books.
lolita prologue tea

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The loose leaf teas and their distinctive flavors would be the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon spent reading a great classic book. It’s not often that you can imagine a whole other world while also tasting it.