Small, brown, granular bits of used coffee are a perfect candidate for becoming hybrid polymers – mixed with the right other materials they can be pressed (for the second time!) into sheets of composite surface materials. Such hybrids are perfect for sheets such as those used in building the tops of tables and chairs in coffee shops, for example, thus completing the java bean circle of life in a clever way.

Re-Worked joined forces with Axion Polymers to turn old coffee grounds into new furniture by combining plastic with compost-ready beans, creating seats and surfaces that are simple and soil-colored.

The result is called Curface and is an eco-friendly way to reuse local materials in a creative way that people can relate to, drinking their coffee while sitting on a composite java chair seat.

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Even the wood in these pieces comes from a local felled tree that was otherwise destined to become scrap. “This tree was cut down in Bromley East London in 2005, rather than going to landfill or being left on site we have sawn it into planks and seasoned it.”