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Breathtaking Coal Harbour Marina in Vancouver is home to this magnificently modern houseboat. The floating house is the newest to reside permanently in the harbor, and it is without a doubt one of the most impressive.

As a tribute to the boat sheds that once lined the harbor, part of the home’s exterior is clad in corrugated steel. But in a modern twist, the steel sports a mirror finish rather than the dull grey one the boat sheds had.

One of the challenges faced by the homeowners in building their ideal floating home was the very limited amount of space they had to work with. The main area of the house is occupied by an open-flow great room containing the living room, kitchen and dining room.

The kitchen and bathroom had to be similarly compact, but thanks to the wealth of natural light not one room of this cozy home feels cramped. Light colored floors, walls and surfaces also help to make the rooms feel larger than they really are.

Views of the beautiful harbor abound – from the nautical-inspired round windows to the two glass walls in the master bedroom. The gentle movement of the water creates a comforting constant motion.

Easily the most impressive feature of the floating home is the rooftop deck. From a seat on this deck the residents can enjoy spectacular views of the city and of one of the most gorgeous harbors in North America.