Chair cut from foam

Computer-aided furniture construction has changed the way designers craft everyday design objects. Suddenly, new possibilities exist both in terms of materials themselves and the way we can cut into or shape a given material, thanks to extremely precise three-dimensional wire-and-laser-cutting technology.

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Wip foam chair

Entirely modeled in digital form, these complex 3D chairs look like the packing foam with which we are familiar – yet manage to work as both indoor and outdoor chairs that can stand the weather, wear and pressure of regular human use but are also extremely light-weight, portable and easy on the environment.

Wip chair made of foam

Designer Khodi Feiz created these chairs after a great deal of experimentation with material strength, form and durability, and they now adorn both interior and exterior spaces at a Dutch embassy to Berlin – simple, clean, modern but also a testament to sustainable innovation in industrial design.

“Directed by design consultant and designer Ann Maes, six prominent Dutch designers Khodi Feiz, Roderick Vos, Richard Hutten, Satyendra Pakhalé, Kas Oosterhuis and Ilona Lénard, designed a suite of seating elements to jointly form a lounge landscape. The seating elements adorn the outdoor spaces of the dutch embassy in Berlin, Designed by Rem Koolhaas, hosting the 2006 world cup soccer. Taking full advantage of the surprising qualities of the polystyrene foam, the chair designed by Khodi Feiz features a cut-out in the side profile which allows a certain degree of flexing while sitting. The overall form was achieved by creating unexpected surfaces which transform from one plane into another creating a dynamic yet monolithic object.”