With more cars on the road than ever before, it’s no wonder safety has become a key topic of conversation. Daytime driving already has its own obstacles like pedestrians and other cars, but driving at night comes with the added challenges of limited vision. In hopes of combatting this problem, Lanmodo has designed an aftermarket night vision camera that works with any vehicle you might own.

The LANMODO Vast Night Vision System mounted to a car dash.

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Officially called the Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System, the camera sits on your dash with a sticky mount. For that reason, this option works best on a flat, rather than contoured, dash. If the camera doesn’t sit securely on your dash, don’t worry: there’s also an alternative suction cup that allows you to mount the camera to your windshield. Either way, the screen is conveniently located for easy viewing from the driver’s seat. The unit is only about nine-by-three inches, too, so it’ll never block your view.

When you hear night vision, you might picture the grainy red image as seen through bulky masks during a military mission in the movies. And to be fair, the Lanmodo Vast does look a bit like that in total darkness. But use it in conjunction with the headlights from your vehicle, and you’ll find that the camera brings everything into 1080P full-color focus. It’s true that several luxury brand vehicles already offer built-in night vision as a package option, but these cameras are only capable of providing black-and-white images.

Online video reviews show the camera in action and give us the most accurate idea of its abilities. At a standstill, it appears to do an excellent job of providing crisp, colorful images in the dark. On the move, there is some blurring at times, but there’s no doubt that it still adds safety to nighttime driving with an impressive view of what is up to 300 meters ahead. This is done using the system’s wide spectrum frame, which lights up the entire road and eliminates the narrow view you normally get from standard headlights. This vast view gives you time to respond to animals or other obstacles in the road. It also shows upcoming curves or hills and even displays buildings, cars, and other roadside objects not visible with headlights alone. Last but certainly not least, it does a great job of cutting through rain and fog.

The Lanmodo Vast is a full-spectrum night vision camera for night driving and any other nighttime use you can imagine. Since it’s completely portable, you can also light up your campsite or take it on your next evening beach trip. Plus, the camera is easily adjustable so you can make changes to aim it where you want it.

There are two versions of the Lanmodo Vast, with the base model priced at $499 and the dual camera option running for $100 more. Luckily for our readers, the company reached out to offer everyone a $200 coupon with discount code LMDNVS_MC. Note that this promotion is only valid through January 1st, and that no member of the Dornob team is receiving any form of compensation for this article or any purchase you make. We just think it’s a cool product with the power to make night driving safer. Enjoy the savings.