A voice-activated fog machine. Color-changing party lighting. An aromatherapy dispenser. If taking a bath ever got more dramatic than this, we’d have to expect a full orchestra invading the bathroom with their instruments providing a live soundtrack. Kohler’s new “Stillness Tub” is designed to elevate the bathing experience to new levels of luxury, and even if it all sounds a bit over the top, it also sounds… nice?

Kohler's Ultra-Smart Stillness Tub, unveiled virtually at CES 2021.

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Unveiled virtually at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the pricy bath takes inspiration from shinrin-yoku, or Japanese “forest bathing,” the practice of experiencing deep relaxation in the woods by taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of nature with openness and intention. The idea is for the tub to provide refuge from all the stress of daily life, immersing you not just in warm water but also in the experience of self-care.

The smart tub stands fairly tall, with a boxy silhouette and a curved void that fills with water from the bottom for a more gentle, quiet introduction to your home spa interlude. In the fullest-featured (and most expensive) version, you can use voice commands and/or the accompanying smartphone app to turn on the tub, set the depth and temperature, activate the atmospheric fog, and choose from static or dynamic lighting options in various colors. The tub’s “experience tower” also delivers essential oils directly into the water if you like, and its wooden “infinity edge” allows water to spill over the sides and be captured and recirculated.

Kohler's ultra-smart new Stillness Bath is equipped with color-changing lights.

Aerial view of Kohler's ultra-smart Stillness Tub.

Depending on which features you choose, the price ranges from $6,198 to $15,998, but no version is entirely plug-and-play. Installing the more complex options requires a complete bathroom renovation, including a new floor to install the tub’s grate and circulation system, though the cheapest version lacking the infinity edge is freestanding.

The Stillness Tub debuted alongside other new smart bathroom products from Kohler, including a Touchless Bathroom Faucet collection, the Innate Intelligent Toilet, and two home water monitor products co-branded with Phyn. The faucets offer residential hands-free activation either in an integrated faucet with embedded sensors or via a remote puck that lets you retrofit any existing Kohler faucet.

New touchless bathroom faucet from Kohler, unveiled virtually at CES 2021.


If you’re wondering what features a smart toilet could possibly have, here’s the brand’s description: “The Innate includes all the comfort, convenience, and cleanliness features that people expect from Kohler’s broad offering of intelligent toilets at a more affordable price. Innate includes a heated seat, auto open and close, intuitive remote, and personal bidet functionality. Further, as many homeowners look for more DIY projects, Innate features Kohler’s easy, ready-lock installation.”

The release of this line is a smart bet amidst a pandemic that has people spending more time at home than ever, feeling more concerned about hygiene, and working on home renovation projects.

“As millions of people around the world spend more time at home, they yearn for balance and seek an escape from the stresses and anxieties of everyday life,” reads the brand’s press rele ase on the collection. “The potential for technology to create more moments of well being, and make it easier to unwind, destress, and find peace, is a driving force behind’s Kohler’s continued investment and product development in smart home technology.”

Kohler's Ultra-Smart Stillness Tub, unveiled virtually at CES 2021.

Availability hasn’t been announced just yet, but Kohler will be holding its own digital event, Kohler@Home, on February 2nd and 3rd, when more news is expected. If you’re a fan of smart home technology and can afford high-end fixtures like these, watch for them to hit the market later this year.