kitchen clean composter machine

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Clean, green and automatic, but best of all: the compact composted material that comes out of this home composter has no odor and is designed to be used indoors. If this brilliant concept becomes available for sale (which it certainly should) then the smelly, messy by-products of the composting process will no longer an excuse not to responsibly, easily and safely compost your leftover food materials – even in a gardenless urban area.

kitchen easy composting machine

An amazing 70 to 80 percent of the food volume is eliminated through a compression, heating and drying process in this rather sleek little kitchen appliance by Coway – leaving only a handful of powder following an entirely hidden internal set of processes. Think of it like a combination trash-compactor, paper-shredder and self-sorting recycling bin all in one. The resulting clean-and-dry waste material can be stored right in a section of the machine for weeks and ultimately spread somewhere green or reused in other organic ways around the house without the unfortunate intermediate step of letting food rot in your kitchen or on your porch.