We’re all familiar with the sense of panic that comes from realizing we’ve lost our keys just as we’re about to leave the house in the morning. Multiply that feeling by 10, and you’ll get a sense of how photographers — or any professionals who have to keep track of several items — feel. Whatever your line of work or level of absentmindedness may be, you’ll be able to appreciate GearEye, a cool new system that tells you where your valuable belongings are at any given time.


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“All my life I’ve been misplacing important items like my keys, passport, or wallet,” says GearEye CEO Yulia Lerner, who founded the company in 2014. “One day, I thought, why not tag these items and be able to find them with my phone? And so the idea for GearEye was born.”

GearEye - Materials

Thankfully, you don’t have to be a tech whiz to use GearEye. In fact, it’s a deceptively simple system. You just have to stick small RFID tags to your belongings. These tags are nothing more than a set of thin stickers, meaning you can attach them to all sorts of objects, including your keys, phone, wallet, and passport. Some of the stickers were specifically made to adhere to metal, while others were designed to better suit different materials. They don’t require any batteries, and you’ll get years of service out of them before you ever have to order new ones. GearEye tags are also much cheaper than those of comparable tracking systems, “with 40 RFID tags costing less than one Bluetooth tag.”

GearEye - Mobile App

Once you’ve put the RFID tags on your things, you can create an item checklist on the GearEye app. You’re allowed to make up to 10 personalized lists, and each of them can contain up to 50 distinct items. If you felt like it, you could keep separate gear lists for different projects and events. Alternatively, you could make lists for leisure activities like travel, beach days, and gym classes.


“GearEye is the complete solution for managing people’s gear, allowing them to easily make sure they have everything they need, and find the crucial items if/when they’re missing,” Lerner explains. “It’s great for photographers, and can also be used by DJs, frequent travelers, electricians, plumbers, and everyday users to manage their gear.”

GearEye - Keyring Scanner

Have a big photo shoot coming up? Make a list of all the lenses and lights you’re expecting to use. Electrician? Try tagging your drill, screwdrivers, and rolls of wire. Parent? Tag your kids! We’re just kidding about that last one, but you can put the stickers on a box of wipes, a bottle, and baby’s favorite toy.


When you’re ready to head out for the day, tap the “check” button and scan your GearEye duffel bag for your tagged items by waving a keyring scanner or smartphone over it. This scanner is capable of locating items between one and three meters away. “All the items in the bag will be checked with a V mark that they’re in place,” the company says. “If an item is missing (without a V mark), you can tap on it and the GearEye app will guide you to the lost item using graphics and sounds.” Pretty ingenious, if you ask us.