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The junk mail that’s stuffed into our mailboxes on a regular basis actually does have a practical use: the tough paper it’s made of can be shredded and formed into surprisingly strong new pressed paper products. ‘Junk Press’ by Andrew Simpson of Supercyclers finds a functional and attractive use for all of this typically discarded printed paper.

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The press is sand-cast in aluminum with interchangeable molds that make a variety of items including bowls, plates, cups and coasters. The bowl molds are geometric, creating interesting-looking objects out of what’s normally considered trash.

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The junk mail is shredded and added to a blender with water to create a paste that can be compressed into shape. As Simpson told DesignBoom, “The bowls we ended up making make the best use of draft angles to apply even pressure to the part and the form is a play on paper folding with the sharp ‘fold’ lines covering the internal of the bowls.”