Hell-bent on tearing down the seemingly tired, conventional expectations of luxury, JennAir aims to completely reinvent kitchen appliances, with an attitude and vision that’s unrivaled in the industry. In a way, the company is like the knight in shining armor of the appliance world, crafting one-of-a-kind pieces with flawless finishes in order to keep people interested in all things rebellious and provocative.

One of JennAir's sleek new refrigerators.

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Their two newest artistic expressions come to life in the form of “RISE” and “NOIR,” collections that pride themselves on strength, beauty, and a seductive sense of darkness.

RISE to the Occasion

The slogan for “RISE” reads: “Seize the kitchen, seize the throne.” These bold words do a perfect job of encapsulating the passion and drive that the company has for their designs. They also embody the designs themselves, whose presence is almost impossible to miss.

The Italian leather front panels featured on JennAir's new RISE refrigerators.

Take a stand with your refrigerator and feel the impeccable chill of your freezer by utilizing free-standing or columnal pieces. Alternatively, you might prefer an under-the-counter or built-in unit. Boasting obsidian interiors, custom Italian leather front panels, three precision sensors, and smart home integration, none of these pieces come cheap, ranging in price between $6,000 and $7,000. Even so, they work hard to keep food as fresh as it can possibly be.


The collection also consists of several pieces that can be used enhance smaller spaces. Breathtaking woks, cooktops, and griddles have all been created with minimal impact to your workstation in mind. If all that piques your interest, then you’ll love the collection’s Hush-technology dishwashers, spacious but secretive trash compactors, stylish ventilation systems, and boundary-pushing microwaves, any of which is sure to beautify your kitchen as soon as you bring it home.

Kitchen NOIR

The perfect intersection of sensuality and geometry, JennAir’s “NOIR” collection allows appliances to stand in “stark contrast” to the average kitchen interior, appealing to the provocateur in us and providing a form of entertainment in and of itself.

One of the sleek new gas oven's featured in JennAir's new NOIR collection. The dark red "Burlesque" refrigerator interiors featured in JennAir's new NOIR collection.

From dual-flame gas ranges with precision-drilled burners to ultramodern built-in coffee systems, NOIR revolves around an unruly, unmatchable material palette of sleek obsidian and anodized brass. The “Burlesque” interiors of the column refrigerators in this collection boast dark red leather and slick glass and chrome fixtures, all of them designed with sharp angles and clean lines in mind. At $30,000 per pair, these columns are unquestionably items of both grandeur and fantastical visual stimulation. Their details, such as the lace patterns on the outer handles, are said to inspire, allure, and beckon intrigue, while the seamless, crisp surfaces facilitate practical utilization.

Jon Hall, the company’s Marketing Director, says of the collection: “NOIR embodies our brand mission as we abandon stale standards and false influences of how luxury is supposed to look, feel, and act. Moving toward unexpected and individualized expressions, we welcome consumers to experience the freedom that comes with building a space that’s uniquely theirs. Beginning by making the kitchen a place to dwell in and dream about, NOIR leads the luxury kitchen appliance industry forward on a fearless, uncharted path.”