Toasty Handwarmer Mug Handmade in Italy

Take the usual household paraphernalia – mugs, lamps, vases, clocks – and turn them into unusual, unfussy works of art on a small but very appealing scale. This comes naturally to Italian studio Sabrina Fossi Design where the everyday becomes novel. Sabrina Fossi set up her company in 2013 and she creates ‘minimalist entities that seem familiar but are strikingly different.’ Her fresh and fun homeware products are all handmade in Italy.

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Toasty Mug Handmade in Italy

Handmade by artisans in the Italian town of Montelupo, near Florence, her ToastyMUG ‘hands warmer’ mug feels cosy and looks cool. The ergonomic design means the drink stays warm and so do your hands – just snake your fingers inside the sides.

Sabrina Fossi: ”I’m passionate about all objects that characterize the domestic environment. I believe that everyday objects give significance to our lives and it is precisely these minute shades of difference that distinguish objects from each other that enflame my interest”.

Colored Shape Lamp Handmade in Italy

Her 2D, coloredSHAPE wall lamp is almost cartoon-like, redolent of that ‘double take’ moment when you question what you see – huh?

Space Saving Wall Vases Handmade in Italy

Similarly, Sabrina Fossi’s VANITY wall vases are flat, graphic and a great opportunity to create your own wall art with living (or artificial) flowers. Do you lack surface space, are you always knocking things over? Well, nail your vases to the wall.

And who says minimalist clocks should focus on the hour, on the half hour? Forget 6 and 12 – Fossi’s wall clocks twist our expectations of symmetry in clock design and at the eleventh hour, we see

Freakish Cock handmade in Italy

The FreakishCLOCK

Then before you can count to two (or five), we have –

Wooden Wall Clock handmade in Italy


In Fossi’s domestic landscape, ordinary stuff that we take for granted and almost forget to see becomes just a little bit different. Enough to make you smile, and with enough style to infuse your interior world with a sprinkle of Italian magic.