invisible vase idea

A living flower seems to sprout right out of the surface of a wooden table in this fun project – and it’s actually even cooler than it looks at first glance.

While the perfection of the single daisy featured in these photos might lead you to believe it’s a faux flower that’s simply attached to the underside of the table somehow, it’s alive. An incredibly simple DIY will let you copy this invisible bud vase idea.

Couched as an IKEA hack, this is the kind of do-it-yourself trickery that will work with any table or surface you are not too attached to – specifically: something you are willing to drill a hole in and make other permanent modifications to. But the hole’s so small anyway that if you ultimately changed your mind, who would even notice or care?

hidden vase

The steps to make this DIY “invisible” bud vase are simple and process should take only a few minutes to complete – you drill a hold down for the plant, screw the lid of a jar up from the bottom, fill the jar with water, screw it into place, and you are done.

easy IKEA hack

The effect is striking: a plant, without a vase, but fully alive, sprouting right from your table – a great single-stroke centerpiece or creative way to deploy living greenery all around the surface of a table, desk or counter. It’s especially ideal for people with cats that tend to knock objects off tables (as long as they’re not plant chewers.)

invisible vase from above

Designed by Tomokazu Hayakawa, and bonus points for the curiously creative integration of the creator in the background of one of the finished-piece photographs.

From IKEA Hackers:

Materials: IKEA VIKA FURUSKOG 2000×600

Description: Flower vase in the table as if flower comes out from VIKA FURUSKOG. 

  1. Used Mayonnaise bottle lid on the under surface of table with screw. 
  2. Drill a hole in table and lid. 
  3. Fill water on the bottle. 
  4. Screw bottle. 

Only 5 minutes.”