After you’ve finished ringing in the new year, it’s time to revamp your interiors and make a fresh start. The newest trends incorporate blasts from the past, a bit of bling, soft and cozy fabrics, and strong blacks accents intertwined with brilliant new colors.

Au Naturale

A living room whose decor pieces make use of several sustainable materials.

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Right in line with saving the planet, designs for 2019 are brimming with sustainable materials. Go big with a natural fabric sofa or easy chair, or sprinkle a bit of environmental fanfare throughout your home in the form of organic cushions, pillows, throws, and tapestries (yes, they’re back in style). What’s more, these peaceful textiles work with every décor, from French country to Boho-chic.

Guiltless Gilding

A bedroom whose decor pieces boast striking gold accents.

Gaudy gold is never exactly in style, but done properly, it makes other colors and fabrics pop like magic. Somehow pairing black or bright gold with raw natural pieces transforms it into a tasteful accent that glows without being gauche. Work some gold patinas into your decor, and your home will look absolutely breathtaking.

Art Deco Strikes Back

A small slice of an Art Deco decor scheme, featuring two steel lamps, a nightstand, and vintage wallpaper.

Arguably the most sumptuous and enchanting style ever, Art Deco has patiently waited in the wings for years, biding its time just knowing that its return was imminent. Now that mid-century modern has morphed into the darling of decorating, the time for reemergence seems just right. Check your attic or basement for any old pieces you might be able to revive, and enjoy the way all those fetching design details and mixed metals bring personality to your home.

It’s All About You

No matter your taste, you’ll want to make sure to include a little bit of you in every room. Whether it’s treasured photos of family and friends, a conch shell from a childhood trip to the beach, or a framed t-shirt from a memorable concert, 2019 is the perfect time to start showcasing your personality in your style.

50 Shades of Any Color You Like

Paint companies have pulled out all the stops in recent years. There’s never been a better time to go wild with colors, especially new blends like Ultra Violet, Night Watch (a rich jade color that mimics nature), and a wide spectrum of deep reds and bright oranges. Offset those colors with shades of deep apricot, the aforementioned gold, gray flannel, and tantalizing teal, and you’ll see that the average person’s decorating palette has never been so diverse.

Black is Beautiful

An empty room with hardwood floors and matte black walls.

Giving gray a run for its money is matte black. You’ll find it in rugs, furniture, lighting fixtures, assorted décor accents, kitchen and bathroom appliances, and pretty much everything else these days. It pairs well with any color and adds a dash of drama to any space.

Calm and Cozy

Everyone treasures their often-fleeting moments of respite, which is exactly why the Hygge trend continues to grow. Taking its name from a Danish word that’s used to describe special feelings and moments that are tranquil and soothing, Hygge is different for everyone, so you’ll definitely want to play around with different colors and textiles to find what makes you most relaxed.

It’s Easy Going Green

Yellow indoor space lined with large houseplants.

Houseplants have been making a comeback lately, especially the big ones with variegated leaves. No worries if you weren’t blessed with a green thumb: artificial plants have also come a long, long way and look just as good — if not better — than the real thing. Dress them up with natural weave baskets, and presto! You now have a few green masterpieces on your hands.