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A good interior designer is often much more than just an interior design expert, as Amy Lau demonstrates over and over again with her beautifully composed living room designs. She is clearly influenced by modernism and her passion for abstract art but her designs are so different it is only their refined details and degree of internal consistency that show them to be the work of the same interior designer.


Also as is the case with many successful designers, Amy does much more than just design interiors – she also has her own limited product line and is often asked to speak or display at colleges, auctions, museums and other places and events. She has been featured in the New York Times, Post and Metropolitan magazine.


Why is it so hard to find a good interior designer? Perhaps too many of them are too focused simply on interior design and not the big picture. Amy also serves on various advisory boards, has participating in design-related publications and advises clients on collecting art. In short, her aesthetic interests range beyond mere home decoration.


So what can you take away from someone like Amy, even if you cannot afford to hire someone of her caliber? There is a lot to be said for taking the wide-angle view on design and thinking about how you can integrate various parts of an interior composition. No single element stands out in her works – it is about the harmony of parts, the assemblage of related materials, colors, shapes and textures to create a holistic and complete interior design.