You don’t have to give up your trusty, comfortable old bike just to enjoy some of the cool features that come with today’s high-end designs. Made to fit just about any bicycle, add-on kits like the SmartHalo 2 system give you all sorts of bells and whistles while preserving your freedom of choice when it comes to the stuff that’s really important, like materials, budget, and fit.

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The SmartHalo 2 smart bike accessory

An improvement upon a previous SmartHalo product, the SmartHalo 2 is an all-in-one connected device that gives you five highly convenient new functions: navigation, an ear-piercing alarm, fitness trackers, a bright headlight, and a personal assistant. Designed by cyclists, for cyclists, the add-on securely locks onto your handlebars, and only your unique HaloKey can unlock it for removal. A mount adapter accessory even makes it possible to easily transfer the device from one bike to another, which is especially great when you’re traveling and using rental or share bikes.

Consisting of little more than a simple interface and touch screen, this smart bike accessory aims to make your ride a lot safer with clear route navigation signals, guiding you with the “halo” of lights around the screen’s outer rim. Easy to see and understand, it eliminates the need to view maps and street names on your phone, and you can rest easy knowing won’t ever miss audio instructions due to background noise. Unlike other bike GPS devices, you also don’t need to preload maps on this one. The SmartHalo uses Google to navigate instead, though you can customize your routes if you prefer certain road types or want to avoid busy streets and hills.

The SmartHalo 2 smart bike accessory

A powerful front light, now five times brighter than the original version, will automatically turn on and shut itself off when needed thanks to an onboard sensor, so you’ll never have to worry about accidentally running down the batteries, either. The 250-lumens light is strong enough to meet even the strictest of European bicycle lighting laws, featuring normal, blinking, and pulse modes. You can set it to come on for all rides, only at night, or manually.

The device recognizes you by the SmartHalo app running in the background of your phone. If someone else tries to mess with your bike while it’s locked up, it’ll emit a 110-dB alarm, which is loud enough to send most potential thieves running. If your phone dies, no worries — you can simply input your custom “Tapcode,” a combination of long and short taps, to deactivate the alarm.

The SmartHalo’s “Assistant” function basically stands in for your phone while you’re riding, so you can keep it tucked safely away where it’s not in danger of getting wet or becoming a distraction. You can also see who’s texting, calling, or messaging you and receive incoming difficult weather notifications on here, or turn notifications off if you’d rather not be bothered at all.

Quick-touch shortcuts make it easy to answer calls, select saved destinations, or even emit horn sounds while you’re on the go. Plus, you can measure cycling metrics like speed, distance, elevation, calories, time, and how much CO2 your ride saved with the SmartHalo’s fitness tracker, which automatically collects data from every ride.

The SmartHalo 2 smart bike accessory

The SmartHalo 2’s most recent Kickstarter campaign raised over $1.7 million CAD. While pre-orders are now closed, you can still keep an eye on the official website for updates on the product’s retail debut.