amazing house design

This dynamic house design is all kinds of awesome – that is: if you can get past the dizzying angles that confront you at nearly every corner, uncanny material transitions and incredible structural intersections both inside and out.

amazing modern home design

Metal, concrete, wood and stone – you name it and the material was likely used in the construction of this downright crazy home. Exterior facade materials wrap smoothly (and intentionally) to the interior as a way of further blurring spatial boundaries throughout the design. Whether or not you want to live in that kind of confusion, well, that is up to personal preference.

amazing house interior design

Odd-angled intersections and strangely-shaped door openings dot the residence likewise on all sides, making each entrance and exit a point of interest rather than merely a place to pass through. Designers at Iroje Architects spared no expense when it came to specifying materials for this offbeat residence, and skipped no creative step while exploring all kinds of unique three-dimensional forms within it.