fine china with hand painted ants

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Walking into your kitchen to see that an un-rinsed plate has attracted a horde of ants is a pretty disgusting surprise. For German artist Evelyn Bracklow of La Philie, seeing ants swarming a carelessly placed plate was a source of instant inspiration.

ants on sugar bowl

The artist recognized that the sight of ants on otherwise beautiful dishes inspired a number of conflicting feelings: fascination, disgust, fear, and admiration all swirled inside her. She decided to recreate this fascinating scene on pieces of fine china.

hand painted ants

Bracklow collected pieces of fine china and carefully, lovingly hand painted swarms of tiny realistic ants all over them. The first reaction upon seeing the pieces might be shock, amusement, or a creepy feeling, but the tiny painted pests are somehow delicate and beautiful against the backdrop of the china pieces.

cups and saucers

The incredibly realistic ants are startlingly lovely, despite the initial recoil that they inspire. The artist calls it “a seductive horror,” which seems an apt title for such a shocking and inventive series. Each piece is unique and signed, and some are available on Etsy.