A first=floor common area featured in IS Architecture's new Beijing penthouse

The late American author William Feather said, “Business is always interfering with pleasure — but it makes other pleasures possible.” IS Architecture and Design’s new penthouse in Beijing minimizes that interference by combining the best of both those worlds under one roof.

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Instead of trying to squeeze in a weekend getaway here and there to give your body and soul a break from the daily grind, this three-story IS design combines the best elements of work and play in one outstanding apartment.

The spacious first floor of IS Architecture's new Beijing penthouse
The open kitchen featured in IS Architecture's new Beijing penthouse.

The first floor is sleek, modern, and ideal for entertaining, relaxing, preparing meals, and enjoying precious family time. The straight lines of every fixture and furnishing are clean and destressing. Desaturated colors throughout promote serene thoughts and reenergize peaceful reflections and inspirations that often get pushed out of our minds during work hours. Soothing blue accents in the tile and trim amplify the serenity. Simple, oversized houseplants sparingly placed in corners and alcoves add a touch of nature.

The spacious first floor of IS Architecture's new Beijing penthouse

Instead of using conventional walls to define space, the architects and designers used assorted color palettes to separate the areas. The open-air kitchen, dining room, free-flowing living areas, and guest bedroom are all bathed in assorted hues of gray. When further demarcation is desired, clear sliding glass doors are available.

The second floor is a contination of the free-flowing floor plan. The color scheme here revolves around muted earthtones, with shades of chocolate, lattes, and russet dominating. The trims and accessories reflect the calming elements of nature, and are rustic without coming off as rough. The master bedroom is doorless and flows into an adjacent studio and airy walk-in closet.

The sleek muted bathroom inside IS Architecture's new Beijing penthouse
One of the common areas inside IS Architecture's new Beijing penthouse

A geometric staircase leads to the third floor of the penthouse, which is for sure the proverbial icing on the home’s cake. The perfect blend of a private tropical paradise and a cozy upscale cabin in the forest, this floor redefines the concept of a “getaway” in both aesthetics and atmosphere.

The ultramodern staircase the connects all three floors of IS Architecture's new Beijing penthouse.

Warmth and whimsy intermingle like a perfect symphony in every detail on the upper level. Strategically placed terra cotta tiles draw the eye to walls finished with bucolic plaster patterns and textures. Natural fine resin floors showcase an array of natural wood furniture interspersed with rattan, cane, and wicker pieces. The upholstery and rugs offer a delightful mixture of rustic fabrics and a range of cultural patterns. Hanging plants provide a touch of bohemian style and effortlessly tie it all together.

In keeping with that style, the laundry room is also swathed in rattan, with woven baskets for storage and the appliances artfully encased in mesh rattan cabinets.

A rattan-heavy common area inside IS Architecture's new Beijing penthouse

IS Architecture and Design’s Beijing penthouse is both a home and a getaway sanctuary, all magnificently laid out over three levels of the same structure. Looks like impossible dreams really can come true.