luno car air mattress

Although sleeping in your car is never an activity that you look forward to, there are plenty of perfectly valid reasons that you might someday have to. Driving cross-country and being too short of funds for hotels, pulling over for a quick power-nap so you don’t endanger other drivers’ lives, or just vacating the house for an evening courtesy of a roommate spat – we’ve all been there.

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car camping inflatable mattress blue

The Inflatable Car Mattress is meant to make these annoying little moments in life just a bit more bearable. When deflated it takes up hardly any room at all, but when inflated it provides a reasonably comfy-looking sleeping space wider than just the car seat itself.

The mattress is meant to fit over the top of your vehicle’s back seat. A small base extends down to the floor to support the half of the mattress that hangs out over the edge of the seat, making for a single, stable sleeping surface. Throw a soft blanket over it and it’s almost like being in your own bed.

car air mattress heavy duty with pillows

You obviously wouldn’t want to let anyone sleep on the mattress while the car is in motion, but for impromptu car camping trips or just resting up in the middle of a long journey this seems like a far more comfortable option than trying to sleep on the car’s back seat itself.

luno car camping

You can find versions of this product all over the place now, including Amazon, Walmart and Target. Different sizes are available to fit different car types and models. One handy iteration, the Luno, is modular, so you can choose a narrow bed for one person or add the second for two.

car air mattress luno

There’s a time and a place for a tent, but a last-minute trip to the snowy slopes or the middle of a thunderstorm is not it. With the Luno Mattress 2.0, you’ll have a safe, dry, restful night’s sleep wherever your car can take you—from backcountry basecamps to roadside retreats. It’s small enough to keep in your car at all times, ready for adventure when you are.”