It seems such a waste when people go to the trouble of hiring an architect only to build a boring or generic home – if you are going to go to all of that trouble, why not include the kind of unique functionality you have always dreamed of?

Be-Fun Design is an aptly-named architecture studio and the mastermind behind this a small-lot, two-storey dwelling for a Japanese couple – a pair of clients that, as you might have guessed, lead a rather active lifestyle.

The crown jewel of this simply-titled ‘WareHouse’ is a climbing wall that reaches up above the top story of the house, surrounded by skylights to let indirect daylight filter into the second story and main level below.

A core-and-circumference strategy works its way down in the plan, from these rooftop windows to a wrapping staircase that hugs the exterior walls down to the lower floors.

Combined living, kitchen and dining room spaces thus become one large open central area ringed with circulation, while the hollowed climbing volume above leads up to a roof deck accessible only by a ladder