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Sick of stretching out the necks of your shirts simply trying to slide them onto a hanger?

There are many variants on this idea, though this particular one looks like it would work better than most – simply grip to compress the sides, then let them flex back open naturally.

“With the help of this intuitive gesture it is efficient and improves productivity while taking out or hanging your T-shirt on PINCH. Example this solves the problem of the sales person at the retail clothes store to remove and insert clothes around 150-200 times average per day.”

“It uses the existing manufacturing technology of Injection moulding along the one material used – Polypropylene with Elastomer mix to manufacture. It does not use any mechanism. Polypropylene is a recyclable material. It is cost effective to manufacture on a large scale and is adaptable to everyone from a factory worker putting hangers in the clothes to a sales person at a clothes shop to personal use.”