Soho House is one of the world’s most recognizable names in private members’ clubs. With its first house opening in London in 1995, the brand has gone on to conquer the international scene with properties all over the rural English countryside, as well as several in urban hot spots like New York, Miami, Chicago, Toronto, Hollywood, Malibu, Mumbai, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Istanbul.

Lots of celebrities are fans of the Soho House, too, with one of its most famous guests being the Duchess of Sussex herself, Meghan Markle. Markle not only likes to stay in the club’s many houses, but she also’s been known to shop in the online Soho Home store, which brings the furniture inside the clubs to the public. This shop, which has been operational in the UK for a number of years now, just launched in the US, allowing even more non-members to add a little Soho House to their lives.

The interiors, decor, and lifestyle store Soho Home offers Soho House’s carefully curated stock to anyone wishing to add a little flair to their interiors. Most of the furniture listed on the site carries a hefty price tag, but then again, it’s not exactly cheap to be a member of Soho House’s trendy clubs, either. There are some more affordable options, however, like table and glassware. Shoppers can also purchase some of the beauty essentials from the Cowshed, Soho House’s spa and wellness center. Hotel lovers will rejoice at being able to buy the club’s bed linens, towels, and bathrobes, allowing them to pretend like they’re in the luxury of an actual Soho House from the comfort of their own homes.

On top of selling furniture, homeware, kitchenware, beauty products, and bedding, Soho Home also has a curated collection of artworks and prints for sale, including pieces by Jack Burton, Paul Davies, Scarlett Bowman, and Archie Proudfoot. Decorative sculptural chandeliers and light fittings, graphic rugs and carpets, and cushions and blankets are all feature elements capable of enlivening any room.

Soho Home even breaks its offerings down into Collections, which represent the various different properties that the brand has around the world. In the newest Berlin Collection, for example, shoppers can get the very dining table and chairs that diners in that particular House’s restaurant sit around. The Soho Home site even has guest appearances by the editors of famous magazines such as Elle, who provide style and shopping tips based on their own homes for shoppers to further peruse and take into account.

“We started Soho Home because members always ask us where they can buy the things they see in the Houses,” says Soho House founder and CEO Nick Jones. Now customers in the US can get the same great style that those in the UK have had access to for years.