These fabulous female artists are all millennials who’ve been winning over our hearts and souls through their vivacious online presences. Making a splash on sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Etsy, our girls are dominating the fashion and arts scenes with their exotic digital prints and watercolor paintings.

Angela McKay of Ohkii Studio

Originating from both Thailand and Australia, surface pattern designer and illustrator Angela McKay has made quite a name for herself in the online art world. You’re almost never more than a few clicks away from her designs on Pinterest, and she’s amassed an impressive following of 98.6 thousand on Instagram. Her vibrant paintings are usually created with watercolors and often depict exotic people and natural landscapes: women lounging around pools in their swimsuits, beaches and lagoons, overseas travel destinations, jungle animals and environments, tropical gardens — the list goes on.
All of McKay’s work is handmade, hand-drawn, and hand-painted before being screen printed for Ohkii Studio’s online store, where all of her prints are available for purchase. Just make sure to check out her fairy tale and mystery novel-inspired silk scarf collections while you’re there!

Roeqiya Fris

Rotterdam-based illustrator Roeqiya Fris is a pattern mixer who creates bustling paintings full of diverse cultural prints and vibrant watercolors. Her work is sure to make you want to pack a suitcase and zip off to an unknown tropical location, most commonly featuring impeccably dressed women surrounded by lots of wildflowers, exotic animals, and iconic architecture.

Sasha Ignatiadou

Born in Russia but working in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Sasha Ignatiadou produces high-quality limited edition digital art. With 14.3 thousand Instagram followers and a successful online store set up on Tictail, it’s no wonder this colorful artist is counting her blessings. Her work is very graphic, using block colors to craft portraits of well-dressed women in front of very busy culturally-inspired backdrops. A lot of her work is inspired by Asia and the fashions, patterns, and shapes favored in Japanese and Korean cultures.

Isabelle Feliu

Isabelle Feliu is a Canadian artist who currently lives in Oslo, Norway. She studied fashion design in school, working as an assistant designer before beginning her own illustration business in Norway. Her works are mainly created mainly using gouache and watercolors, reflecting images from her own imagination and worldly travels.
You can find Feliu’s beautiful prints on Society6, or you can check out her collections on her own awesome website.

Chloe Joyce

Illustrator and graphic designer Chloe Joyce is a Sydney-based freelance artist with an Instagram following of 11.7 thousand, a highly successful Etsy store, and a reputation for working with top-notch brands and magazines on design projects. Her work generally features cartoon-like women posing nude or topless around an abundance of colorful plants and foliage. Her most recent pieces have all been inspired by her Australian lifestyle, though you can pick up a few Asian influences in some of them as well.
You can peruse Joyce’s digital art directly through her website or her adorable Etsy store.