plantree hydroponic garden

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Plenty of people want to have fresh veggies at home, but don’t have room for a veggie garden. The PlanTree is a concept from designer Nur Yildidrim that would give everyone the chance to have a live, growing vegetable garden – no matter how small their living space may be.

hanging plants hydroponic garden

hydroponic indoor garden

The PlanTree is a tree-like hydroponic garden that holds small pots with growing substrates like coco fiber. The bottoms of the pots extend downward into the chambers of the PlanTree to collect water and nutrients.

apartment size hydroponic garden

plant tree hydroponic garden

With a simple interface, the user can control every aspect of the growing environment such as light, pH, temperature, humidity and everything else the plants need to thrive.

futuristic apartment hydroponic garden

The vertical growing system has a tiny footprint, allowing people with very small homes to have the kind of vegetable garden that even suburbanites with large yards will envy.

self contained hydroponic garden