With the end of the Hummer brand in sight, the two founding architects of HPlusF took the opportunity to examine it down to the last automotive detail. Their findings were inspirational: sheet-metal components of the body shell were structurally sufficient to turn these old land-roving monstrosities into new modular capsule-style dwellings.

To say it was an exciting day to have Craig Hodgetts reach out directly to Dornob with this daring design idea would be a serious understatement. He and HsinMing Fung are an uncompromising, award-winning architectural duo to be reckoned with – and the HummerHaus combines their love of innovative technology, understanding of their Los Angeles home region and backgrounds in industrial and theatrical (as well as residential) design.

“Consisting of eight identical Hummer body shells supported by a prefabricated steel armature, the space is utilized in the manner of an industrially produced object, with 12 volt electrical systems, OEM refrigeration, heating, and media components, and ingenious use of the nooks and crannies generated by the pressed steel enclosures.”

“Optional geothermal storage tanks, photo-voltaic cells, and soy insulation will complete a sustainable project which has, at its core, the recycling of an automobile plant and the resuscitation of its supply chain.”

Like many of their projects, this modular housing series suggests new ways to look at existing objects and environments – it exists somewhere between conceptual architecture, installation art and multimedia cultural communication.

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