House of the Infinite 1

Just as the sea seems to extend on forever beyond the horizon, the walkable rooftop of this beautiful travertine stone residence in Spain offers an apparently endless walkway. ‘House of the Infinite’ by architect Alberto Campo Baeza was designed as an extension of the beach, melding together the color of the sand and the mirage-like qualities of sunlight glinting off the water.

House of the Infinite 2

House of the Infinite 3

Envisioned as a jetty that reaches out into the Atlantic Ocean, the house is a large rectilinear volume with two floors embedded within the solid rock of the terrain. Described by the architect as “the most radical house we have ever made,” the stone platform has a uniquely Mediterranean feel.

House of the Infinite 4

House of the Infinite 5

“On this resoundingly horizontal plane, bare and denuded, we face out to the distant horizon traced by the sea where the sun goes down. A horizontal plane on high built in stone, Roman travertine, as if it were sand, an infinite plane facing the infinite sea. Nothing more and nothing less.”

House of the Infinite 6

Consisting of three levels, the home offers a ground-level terrace leading directly onto the sand as well as the rooftop platform. The entrance to the house is a ‘trench’ in the form of stairs descending from the upper surface. Three walls offer an open yet protected space, buffering the strong coastal winds.