camouflage tree hotel

The concept is simple: a hotel room-for-two that has reflective surfaces on all sides to mirror rather than stand out from the surrounding environment – a simple box suspended in a forested setting with views on all sides and in every direction.

hotel in tree

Complete with kitchen, bathroom and sleeping areas as well as a rooftop deck, this is not rugged forest living or duck-blind squatting as the minimalist exterior form might suggest. Guests access the structure by rope ladder or bridge.

tree hotel design drawing

While the experience of nature is no doubt exciting, is such a building eco-friendly or ecology fad? It all depends on the construction techniques employed once Tham + Videgard Hansson Arkitekter get the official go-ahead to start building. Tree structures can either work with the natural environment or become essentially tree parasites, slowly killing their hosts. Hopefully as this project moves beyond concept and becomes a real building the former strategy will emerge.