Hivehaus Hexagonal Modular House 1
This hexagonal home inspired by the honeycomb structures of bees comes in a flat pack and can be expanded with additional ‘cells’ to the size of your choice. The Hivehaus by Barry Jackson is a modular system with individual six-sided units measuring about 9.3 square meters, or a bit less than 100 square feet. Each one can be outfitted for the purpose in mind, whether it’s a residence, a live/work space or an office.
Hivehaus Hexagonal Modular House 2
Hivehaus Hexagonal Modular House 6

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This setup allows the homeowner to be the designer, determining the ultimate shape of the home. Add windows as desired to create a floor-to-ceiling glass wall or look into an interior courtyard. The home is cool to look at from the outside, but it’s the inside features that make it even more fun to customize.

Hivehaus Hexagonal Modular House 4
Hivehaus Hexagonal Modular House 5
What appears to be an ordinary cabinet in the corner of the living room expands to reveal a kitchen – and then expands again for lots and lots of storage space. Circular skylights let in lots of natural light. Entire walls can be opened to the outdoors.
Hivehaus Hexagonal Modular House 3
Hivehaus Hexagonal Modular House 7
Additional features include hexagonal decks (expandable, of course) as well as removable slatted privacy screens, green roofs, solar panels and composting toilets. Each individual cell has adjustable legs, so the units can be placed on uneven terrain in any configuration.