creative reflective ceiling design

… what ever on Earth could that glowing green ceiling material be? The yarn born of some rare glow-in-the-dark silkworm, an ancient secret paint mixture or rare geological element taken from nature and applied delicately to the unreachable top surface of some antique castle living room? This question echoes in the mind of perplexed visitors to this overly luxurious and ornate room filled with all of the trappings of classic art and high society.

creative beetle ceiling art

As KBA illustrates with unfolding images from Jon Fabre, it is none of the above. Instead, this lusciously decorated and otherwise-antique interior is now swarming with 1.5 million … dead beetles?!

creative ornate beetle art

The so-called “Jewel Beetle” is famous for its unique shine and deep green hue, making it the perfect macabre choice for an artist who has worked in everything from more typical materials to various bodily fluids – unconventional choices placed in galleries, mansions and other high-art settings.

creative green beetle material

Too distant in their lofty perches to be seen clearly from below, an up-close look reveals layered patterns one would expect from any textile – but an even closer examination shows the individual beetles that make up this sea of ceiling green.

creative beetle based ceiling

It too the artist months and dozens of assistants to glue each and every beetle in place, and one can just imagine people passing through the space, seeing the amazing ornate furnishings and fixtures, and simply assuming that such a classic high-end ceiling must be inlaid with rare rocks or precious gems. Surprise!