Well, they may not break your heart (much like the book A Heartwarming Work of Staggering Genius, from which this title was adapted) – but at least one of them looks like it could shoot a wine bottle right through that most precious of organs. These designs by HeartBreakers Design Studio offer simple twists on three conventional furniture objects: bookcase, stool and wine rack.

The bookcase is perhaps the simplest but in some ways the sleekest too – hard to tell if it is meant to be functional or simply a work of abstract modern wall art. In fact, it would be interesting to put it up just like this without books and see what people say about it.

The wine rack is fairly self-explanatory – the wine bottles are the ‘bullets’ that go into the ‘barrel’ of the shelf; the design is simple, elegant, but suggestive … in wine there is truth, as they say, and perhaps in death and deadly weaponry as well.

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Finally the stool, which is the most interactive of these ideas. A light comes on when you sit down upon it, and slowly fades when you get up to walk away. It is intended to be a statement of sorts about conversation, community and communication, but is a neat trick whether or not you buy into its artistic back-story.