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If you live with a kid or a roommate who just can’t seem to grasp the concept of washing their dirty clothes regularly, the Martino Hamper from designer Brandon Washington could be a fun, cute way to not-so-subtly remind them of their laundry obligation. Designed by Washington as a personal design challenge over the course of 24 hours, the Martino Hamper is a chair – of sorts.

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Martino Hamper as chair

The chair is actually a clothing hamper with the back of a dining chair attached to it. The hamper only becomes usable as a chair when it is full of dirty clothing to sit on. For some people this might actually backfire and act as a reason to keep the dirty clothes where they are since the chair looks so comfy.

But for most, it will be a solid visual reminder that, when your dirty clothes pile up enough to actually furnish your room, it’s time to take care of the laundry. If you’re desperate for an extra seat for company, however, you could easily fill the basket with some extra pillows or a few folded blankets. That method would give you extra storage, an extra seat, and a piece of furniture that’s definitely a conversation piece.

martino hamper full

Here’s some background on the project and designer from Core 77.

“Coming out of Allan Chochinov’s Products of Design curriculum at SVA, Brandon has positioned his piece as a the second derivative of DIY: df(DIY)/dy if you will. Of course, the gulf between art project and industrial design is a fluid one, and I suppose the Martino hamper is very much a product of its owner. So while the wooden chair and plastic hamper might read as déclassé, perhaps if the hamper itself had been filled with von Furstenberg tops and Prada leather jackets—let alone Fendi furs—it becomes a different animal, so to speak.”