Pre-dawn jogging is about to get (a little) safer. A UK Company called PRO-TEQ has developed a spray-on coating for pavement that absorbs light during the day and then glows like starlight in the dark.

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Pro-teq starpath

Starpath can be applied to just about any paved surface. The company touts it as a low-cost alternative to electric lighting. On a path or sidewalk, the glowing material can help prevent injuries by clearly outlining the walking surface even at night.

The Starpath spray is also non-slip and water resistant, further cutting down on injury risk. A number of materials can be mixed with it to provide different effects: rubber crumbs to resurface a playground, or maybe stone to create a fairytale-like pathway.

PRO-TEQ believe that their product is an attractive alternative to outdoor lighting, though we might argue that it isn’t quite bright enough to replace electric lights. It could very well allow for fewer lights to be used, however, which would save public sites money on utilities and provide a kind of magical environment.

Pro-teq starpath glowing surface

From the company’s press release:

“STARPATH-PRO is packaged in a 25kg container consisting of STARPATH’s photoluminescent natural stone aggregate mix and a two-part polyurethane resin binder, allowing the user to create a natural appearance pathway in the daytime which transforms into a captivating soft blue luminescent glow at night. The newly installed surface takes only 3 minutes to mix and once applied is suitable for foot traffic after only 4 hours.  Ideally STARPATH-PRO should be applied to tarmac, concrete or other hard surfaces.”

Pro-teq starpath close up

“Our STARPATH technology has been enhanced further to facilitate the production of the STARPATH-PRO packaged product, which is available to purchase online in a ready to use container shipped to anywhere in the world. It’s so easy to apply and anyone can use it. STARPATH-PRO provides a safe, more environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to outside lighting, with the added benefit of having a stunning appearance both day and night.  This product is perfect for trades people and DIY enthusiasts alike”.