redesigned umbrella water catching cup
The umbrella is an often-ignored accessory. We casually drape it over our wrists, throw it in a corner, forget it at the office. But designer Alessandro Busana of Hole Design Studio took the traditional umbrella design and made one simple change that completed what he considered a previously-incomplete design.
umbrella cup
CUP is an umbrella that sports a colorful rubber cup on its top. The cup serves to catch the drips from an umbrella when it is stored upside-down after a walk through the rain. It protects your floors from puddles of water, neatly gathering the rain instead so you can dump it outside at your leisure.
cup umbrella redesign

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The addition works perfectly with the original function of the umbrella, adding to its usability while not hindering the form in any way. In the words of the designer, the result of his intervention is a “combination between a common object and an unexpected foreign element that carries out an elementary function evoking curiosity and surprise.”