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The Serene Desert Villa Spa Retreat is a newly-designed, 30,000 square-foot resort situated just 45 minutes away from the luxurious city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Designed by an innovative team of passionate architects, the resort is a beautiful piece of modern architecture, constructed with function in mind yet styled immaculately. Described as a place of blissful peace and serenity, the spa is the ideal location for anyone longing to escape from the chaos of the city in a remote paradise.

Who are the Design Geniuses Behind It?

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The Phoenix-based architects at SpaceLineDesign are the visionaries responsible for the creation of the Desert Spa Resort. Principal Architect Jeffrey H Page has thirty plus years experience developing amazing modern designs for all sorts of buildings and living spaces. Page has previously worked on vacation villas, boutique hotels, residential homes, offices, island resorts, apartments, and retail stores. The firm started off doing projects across the state of New York and has been producing stunning living spaces in desert environments since 1996.

Page has lived in Dubai with his wife and firm partner, Mahsa, since 2008, and the two have provided project consulting to clients in Arizona and in countries all around the world. The company has devised iconic projects in many international destinations, including New York, LA, Spain, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, India, Indonesia, Tanzania, Nigeria, and the Congo.
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The company initially brings its designs to life in the form of detailed floor plans and creative 3-D video animations that allow the viewer to immerse themselves into its imaginary environments, providing them with a full 360-degree experience through virtual reality, or “VR.” The architects use 3-D modeling and a program called AutoCad to design their projects in VR in order to explore the practicality of each layout as soon as they conceive of it.

What Features Does the Spa Resort Have?

Serene Desert Villa Spa Retreat - SpaceLineDesign

The Serene Desert Villa Spa Retreat consists of six luxury suites, an indoor pool, a steam room, a cold-plunge, a gym, massage facilities, a relaxing lounge area, a fire garden, and a 20-car garage for guests.
Serene Desert Villa Spa Retreat - Pool

The main entrance is adorned with honed sandstone and artistic glass double doors, which are followed by a set of concentric planter steps. Once inside, you’ll find an indoor pool and a jacuzzi shaped like a tulip flower with a waterfall flowing down one end. The pool area’s teak wood ceiling absorbs the warmth of the sun to keep the room comfortable and dampen any echoes. The spa is also fully equipped with an indoor gym that boasts a three-station, 4-D bike ride cinema experience. It really doesn’t get a lot more futuristic than that!

How Do I Get In Touch With SpaceLineDesign?

If you’re interested in working with the SpaceLineDesign team, do not hesitate to contact them with your ideas for budding projects over the phone or via email. They strategize and plan accordingly to suit every individual client’s best interests, focusing on your aesthetic desires and accommodating the design to stay well within your budget!