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Folding furniture gets a bad reputation, perhaps deservedly if you consider the typical flimsy stuff you find at the local big box store – but there are more refined alternatives, and here are two.

First, from Lodovico Bernaradi, an extremely flat-pack folding table that is elegantly detailed, its metal mechanisms contrasting with a simple plywood structure. Instead of tucking up under, the legs wrap around the tabletop when the piece is flat.

Second, from Folditure, there is Tilt – a folding chair with the same aesthetic premise: extremely flat and compact, wooden structure and metal details highlighting how it works. As a bonus, it contains a built-in hanger for easy storage.

From its creators: “The Tilt is a uniquely comfortable multi-purpose chair. Folditure’s patent-pending folding mechanism allows for a higher and more ergnonomically inclined backrest and a sturdy feel.” Check out their website for additional flat-folding design ideas.