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Adults like to have cool places to live in, but what about the kids in our lives? My Space from designer Liya Mairson is a folding playhouse for kids that is not only a blast to play in – it’s also small-space-friendly.

The playhouse was inspired by pop-up books, which are almost universally beloved by both kids and adults. When closed, it resembles a giant cardboard book.

When opened up, it forms a minimal home that offers plenty of opportunity for creativity and modification. The house can be folded in many different ways, changed up and added to however the miniature residents see fit.

But the thing that really sets My Space apart from other playhouses is the fact that it can be folded back up into its book configuration and stashed behind a door or under a bed when playtime is over. Parents get their clean, uncluttered living space back and kids know that their adorable pretend house will be waiting for them the next time they’re ready to play.