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With a favorite book in hand, it can be fun to draw in your legs, curl up and bank in the other-worldliness of the reading experience. Where better to do just that than in a lofted sleeper-sofa that feels like it is suspended in midair?

Younes Duret stuck to the essentials when it came to the materials and form of this clever book-storing couch, using straight lines and a simple wood-plus-white-cushions look.

The interstitial space between the base and bottom of the sofa section, however, constitutes a 360-degree floor shelf you can pack with books, magazines or other things you wish to access while you sit or lie down above.

In fact, without some entertainment tucked between the layers, the effect is quickly lost and the semi-secret central support leg is revealed. Which brings up a good question: while great in theory, how does this stay up when put under the pressure of human weight?