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Digital clocks have come so far – great features, bright easy-to-read numerals and multi-functional alarms … but on many, switching to or from daylight savings time still involves buttons, adjustments and double-checks.

Not so with this super-simple design solution: just tilt the table clock from one small flat side to the other and be done with it. For one half of the year it leans left, and the other half it sits slightly to the right.

The resulting slightly-asymmetrical shape shows off its one core bit of creativity functionality, while otherwise-minimal white and black (alternately used for the hands and ticks or background) make a subtle-but-stylish design statement.

But wait, you want a watch instead? Other designs by Denis Guidone are also fun, simple and abstract in various ways … include a watch that follows the same style and single-turn principle for moving forward or back by an hour.