Fluida lamp

Those adjustable desk lamps that let you direct the light just where you want it are great for illuminating your workspace, but they lack a certain element of grace. The Fluida lamp from Italy-based design duo Studio Natural is a functional and beautiful way to light up your desk.

flexible lamp design

The lamp consists of a ribbon-like strip of LEDs between two small magnetic blocks. According to the designers, people like the objects they use more when they have frequent physical contact with them. You can bend it, stretch it and otherwise manipulate its shape to your heart’s desire, directing the light exactly where you need it.  The arc of light also produces a nice diffused effect.

Fluida’s light can be directed by snapping the two magnetic blocks together, creating a balloon-like shape, or separating them, creating a bridge shape.

Point the flexible light strip in any direction

The Fluida’s blocks can be arranged in a multitude of ways, from stretched wide apart to clipped together with the ribbon slightly twisted. The light from the LEDs is softer than the illumination from a super-focused traditional light bulb, but still bright enough to illuminate your important documents.

This clever lamp design won Honorable mention at the Compasso d’Oro ADI
ADI Design Index Selection as well as the Young & Design Award for its innovation and beauty.

multipurpose adaptable lighting

Fluida is a flexible led lamp to adapt to different uses of desk. Table lamp at indirect light formed by flexible strip with led connected to the two bases. Thanks to the magnets the two bases joint each other in multiples positions modifying the direction of the strip led and creating every time different lights performance.”

Studio Natural is an awards winning multidisciplinary creative studio
which focuses its research on product design, graphic design and art direction. Founded in 2012 by Alessandro Paoletti and Marco De Santi, from 2016 opens another office in Spain.”