There is no reason the content has to be ?naughty by nature, but … that an adult fantasy?was the initial driving idea behind this attractive minimalist black, white?and gray wallpaper from Filthy Home. In the end, though, these empty speech spaces let you write anything, from anonymous messages to your own great American novel.

Non-solvent-based inks make for healthy and ?safe surface solutions for home interiors. Permanent, self-adhesive matte vinyl means you won’t have to worry about chipping or pealing over time – what you write could last for as long as your home stands, for better or worse.

Other wallpapers from this company are fun, fascinating and colorful, but none share the creative interactivity – and pattern-based visual simplicity – of this cartoon-meets-modern set of full-bleed panel sheets. From the (relatively new) company: “Although launched in 2011, Filthy Home designs have been budding for decades. Inspired by raw, simple perspectives, Filthy Home resonates with vintage flare and modern sensuality. Capturing basic moments in life, both contemporary and historic, we value the unusual and sometimes unspoken familiarities that we all share in the overall experience of being human. Often fueled by those random explosions of creativity, embracing rather than avoiding traditional taboos, Filthy Home will rouse your senses. Go ahead?savor our specialties.”