A minimalist concrete cat house, sculptural play structure and multi-tiered condo are among the imaginative high-end designs dreamed up by 14 different architecture firms for the enjoyment of our feline friends. Many of the designs could double as human furniture, acting as a side table or bench while giving cats a comfortable and stylish place to sleep or play. While some of these cat furniture designs are clearly made for pets, others look like museum pieces.

National organization Architects for Animals put on the ‘Giving Shelter’ event in Los Angeles, displaying all of these fun cat-centric creations, to raise money for the non-profit group Fixnation, which is dedicated to humane trap-neuter-return practices for homeless and stray cats. When the fundraiser is over, these fun modern cat houses are donated to Fixnation so feral felines in need have a fancy new place to live.

Unlike most cat furniture, which tends to be on the low end of the design spectrum, these creations take the needs of cats just as seriously as those of their owners. The pieces range from colorful play tubes by NAC Architecture to a wooden tower with tiered, turf-covered landings by RNL.

The event is held every year, and all designers are invited to build a shelter. The Architects for Animals website also offers a simple guide to creating your own shelter for feral cats that might need a warm place to stay in your neighborhood, too, including some made out of styrofoam shipping boxes.

“Architects for Animals® ‘Giving Shelter’ is an awareness raising initiative. Participating architectural and design firms, as well as individual architects and designers, design build and donate creative outdoor shelters that provide animals with refuge from the elements.  At the events these shelters are put on display to the public and are then donated to organizations who work with needy animals.”

See them all at Architects for Animals.