Not everything in our homes has to be Instagram-worthy, but there’s a big difference between leaving a few errant cat toys and bowls laying around and featuring a sleek new cat tower as a sculptural element in your living room.

Yes, pet furniture is certainly utilitarian. It comes in handy not just to make our furry companions more comfortable, but also to free up space on our own couches and chairs and help us manage the unbelievable buildup of hair. But distractingly ugly pet furniture just produces visual clutter, and when it’s relegated to an unseen back room, its usefulness is even further diminished.

Thankfully, as the status of pets has risen within our families over the years, so has a proliferation of stylish items ranging from cute modular cat furniture to miniature green-roofed modern houses for dogs. We can now choose from a wide variety of products in colors and materials that match almost any decor scheme, allowing Bella the Miniature Pinscher and Boris the black Maine Coon to have their very own thrones in the heart of their homes.

Tuft + Paw, a pet product manufacturer with a focus on quality and sustainability, is currently making some of the coolest items on the market. Perhaps you’ve already seen their globe-shaped cat houses made of soft organic materials or their “cat caves” reminiscent of smooth river rocks, but if you take a quick look at their website, you’ll find so much more.

Want to give your cats a perch from which to keep a watchful eye on the house? The “Torre” tower is certainly unlike anything you’ll find at a big-box store, and the “Milo” takes things a step further by incorporating multiple platforms, scratching surfaces, a dining platform, and a fun “crystal hammock.” Alternatively, you can mount a comfy surface right to the wall with the “Freddo,” “Gatto Pertica,” and “Mensola” cat shelves.

Looking to disguise your cat’s unsightly litter box? The “Rifiuti” is an elegant solution made of birch plywood with a smooth UV coating. Slatted wood lets the interior breathe, and a latch on the back opens for easy cleaning. If you’re just in the market for a discreet scratching post and a couple extra-cute cat toys, they’ve got those, too.

“After an eye-opening trip to Colombia, we were shocked to see street cats treated as cruelly as common pests,” explain the company’s founders. “Unpacking this idea in the comfort of our home, we had no choice but to turn feline compassion into a life work and start Tuft + Paw. As first-time renters, we found that our choices for great cat furniture were limited, to say the least. We needed high-quality, consciously made designs that raised the bar above tacky big-box pet stores in many ways. We sleep better at night knowing that our cats do too. And now, we’re connecting with humans who feel the same way.”

“Cats deserve to feel as safe in their environments as we do. We as humans have the power to make it happen. It’s our dream for every Tuft + Paw product to be a benchmark for the proper care and treatment of cats worldwide.”