Designers have tried to modularize and merge almost everything, so why not combine movable plates and flexible tables into the ultimate feast-friendly furniture object? In a word: cleanup. Skipping that critical shortfall for a second, consider how convenient and intimate it would be to just be able to pass around pieces of the table, replacing one dish with the next.

Elad Kashi started with a basic wooden framework of legs and interior supports that double as flat (drink-holding) surfaces. From there, he inserted a series of custom-sized ceramic ‘plates’ directly into the structure – removable for washing, if you have a kitchen sink, dishwasher and/or drying rack that can fit them that is.

Slots for condiments, spaces for main dishes and a circular (pie-shaped, appropriately enough) format make for an ideal mix of eating elements suitable for sharing intimate meals with friends or family.

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This amazing dining device suffers from one fatal flaw – but there may be ways to rescue the concept even if the prototype needs work.?In the next iteration it might be worth breaking up the outermost rim of platters into more manageable sizes.