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This is one of those designs that most of us never see – the incredible cantilevered portion of the wood-facade structure by Jackson-Clements-Burrows juts out over the private back yard, while the front of the house is relatively nondescript. Who gets the best seat in the house? The kids’ rooms are in the thrust portion of this sustainable hovering residential addition.



Though it has little or no resemblance to the wooden exterior, punctuated by patterns in the wood, it is nonetheless impressive in entirely different ways. The visual language of the interior spaces is mostly modern with little emphasis on pattern and grand gestures – in short: it is a contemporary livable space.



Don’t be fooled, however: this is not just a stylistic statement on the exterior – the rain-screen and shade-providing facade is part of a series of green strategies carried into the building interior including a thermal chimney and hallways that function as breezeways for passive cooling, heating and natural ventilation.