We’re firm believers that household items can be both functional and whimsical. After all, fun little elements are often what give our homes their personalities and show people who we really are. Case-in-point: doorstops. They do a sterling job day-in and day-out, saving our fingers and preventing slams, but there’s really no good reason to choose those run-of-the-mill brown rubber wedges over something a little more light-hearted. With this in mind, we scoured the Internet for some unusual, interesting doorstops. Here are eight of our favorites:

“Oak Coordinates” Block

"Oak Coordinates" Block - BespokeandOakCo doorstops

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This handcrafted solid oak marker reminds you just where your home is. It comes with a rope and oak handle for easy moving, and the wood is protected with a Danish oil finish. If you prefer, you can choose to inscribe names or quotes on it instead of coordinates.

“Great Wave” Doorstop

"Great Wave" Doorstops - Clive Roddy
British artist Clive Roddy created his “Great Wave” doorstop as a tribute to a legendary artist. “The design is both a functional doorstop and small wooden diorama that pays homage to the iconic image ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’ by the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai,” he explains. This doorstop is made from six layers of high-quality birch plywood and boasts a nonslip rubber pad on its base.

“Elegant Cat” Doorstop

"Elegant Cat" Doorstop - Issiki
"Elegant Cat" Doorstop - Issiki
Japanese company Issiki sells this clever doorstop, which can be mounted flat onto a door. The cat just sits there until you call it into action by flicking its tail down to keep your door open.

Javanese Batik Doorstop

Javanese Batik Doorstop - SeasAndBreeze
These colorful handmade doorstops have been patchworked together from offcuts of genuine Javanese batik cotton. That means that no two are alike, but it also means that you can’t buy one in the color or pattern of your choice. They are shipped empty to save postage but should be filled with rice, pebbles, or sand upon arrival.

Soldier Doorstop

Soldier Doorstop - Suck UK
This “green army man” will protect your door from accidentally closing and give you a flashback to childhood, probably. This upgrade on the kid’s toy weighs just under 3 pounds and arrives ready for duty.

Burlap Poppies Doorstop

Burlap Poppies Doorstop - RaggedHome
You’ll feel like you’re bringing a little bit of the outdoors in with these wild poppies (available in bright red and charcoal gray) in your home. They’re embroidered onto hard-wearing burlap, which is in turn lined with natural oatmeal cotton canvas and finished with cotton rope ties. These doorstops are made to order and can even be inscribed with names or monograms.

Ice Cream Doorstop

 Ice Cream Doorstop - Fred and Friends
The quirky folks at Fred and Friends have created “soft-serve doorstop” that we just had to throw on this list. While we generally don’t see anything funny about dropped ice cream, we felt the need to make an exception in this case.

Hodor Doorstop

Hodor Doorstop - RnDx2
So, how do we talk about this doorstop without unleashing spoilers? (Some people may not be all caught up on Games of Thrones.) Perhaps we can just say that Hodor is happy to, um, assist you. This doorstop was 3-D-printed using biodegradable thermoplastic from renewable resources and features anti-slip backing. Order it in a standard or “huge” size. The designer says that if you order three, you’ll receive a free “Starks of Winterfell Sigil and Coat of Arms,” too.