plastic bottle redesign

Even if you do carry a reusable water bottle, finding a fountain or sink that it actually fits into in order to get a refill can be harder than you’d think. In some cases, you might end up tossing that eco-friendly bottle into your bag and buying a plastic bottle of water anyway. 

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plastic bottle with 45 degree angle mouth

This author, at least, has at times bent and crumpled disposable plastic bottles in an effort to get them as full as possible. After all, when you’re traveling, you never know when your next opportunity to reload on free liquids will come. So, kudos to designers Hsu Hsiang-Min, Liu Nai-Wen & Chen Yu-Hsin for tackling this minor but persistent problem with “Easy Drink,” a smart variation on the standard plastic water bottle. The 45-degree angle of the mouth makes it much easier to fit into a standard public fountain or sink.

plastic bottle easy drink

Tilt this modified bottle the right way and it may make for an easier way to consume your beverage as well. Still, aside from reminding one just a little of a hamster bottle, there is a more serious catch: blow-molding relies on symmetrical shapes, so production of this prototype could prove difficult in actual reality. Perhaps a stainless steel model would be both easier to make and more sustainable.

“Do you ever feel inconvenient to use the drinking fountains, because of the PET water bottles too big as a result can’t filled water successfully? Do you ever feel neck discomfort when using PET water bottle has to raise your head. The ‘Easy Drink’ change 45 degree on mouth of the PET water bottle, it’s can improve the inconvenience of people using PET water bottle and reduce the wastage of water resources. Use water dispensers filled with water, the water bottles from the side exposed to security, because the general design of PET bottles in the middle of the bottle.”