Susanne de Graef rhythm of light

Lighting in a home may create different types of effects depending on its placement or its brightness, but one fixture rarely has the flexibility of this chandelier. Called “The Rhythm of Light,” the piece is equal parts art and functional home object. According to the artist behind the project, Susanne de Graef, the chandelier is meant to mimic the natural rising and setting of our natural light source, the sun.

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The layers of the lamp move up or down depending on the user’s mood, altering the light just as the sun’s light changes throughout the day. Editing the amount of light diffusion allows the chandelier to provide a dynamic room interior that static, unchanging light can never accomplish.

Susanne de Graef rhythm of light detail
Susanne de Graef rhythm of light strings

“A day begins, the sun rises. The sun starts her daily rhythm, she rises and she sets, This is a never-ending story with a beginning and an end, it repeats itself every day. The light we use in our houses is very static, almost like it’s something that’s frozen, But light is not something that is static, it lives. Light is movement, it has its own rhythm. I designed a lamp with its own rhythm. The user decides the rhythm of the lamp by moving the lamp up and down, the layers mingle, the light gets diffuse and the layers turn into a game of colors.”

Susanne de Graef light collection

The artist, known for producing fine lighting with a creative twist, also released “The Rhythm of Light” in rainbow and silver versions.

Susanne de Graef hanging lamp

“The fine threads display the spectrum of the rainbow. The shape and it’s structure is inspired by the crinoline ( a 19th century hoop skirt) . In the centre, diffused light from the singular bulb scatters, creating a lively interplay of light and shadow. The light can be installed in two different positions, allowing for a variety in form and appearance.”