It starts with a blank black-slate surface and ends in creative chaos – greats for homes with kids, or ones with evil genius scientists perhaps. Be warned: an eraser will never quite clear all the dust the way a wet cloth cleans up a dry-erase white board, so plan on living with the aftermath of this architectural choice.

The interior shown above is that of architect and interior designer Laura Bohn, intended to invite scrawls, notes and artwork from guests on blackboard kitchen and living room walls. Feeling adventurous and you too can add chalkboard coating to doors, tables and other furniture as well – in dark slate gray/black or classic ‘schoolroom green’ as desired.

For the DIY-inclined, chalkboard paint is cheap and easy to come by at any large local hardware store – a power sander, sand paper, painting tape, roller, brush and tarp are the standard tools for those who wish to try it themselves like another Laura did.

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The good thing about a slate paint is that the eventual chalk additions will essentially ‘erase’ any mistakes in the sanding-smooth process. As ways to make a room more interactive and visually engaging, this is about as simple and inexpensive as it gets. And just imagine: you could install some hidden magnetic strips or interlace pieces of pin-up cork board to add an entirely other mode of interaction.